Electrical Rollup Shutters

Roll up shutters provide the unmatched hurricane protection and security while providing you with many other benefits. With the touch of a button or click of a mouse, you’re roll up shutters can be controlled at your convenience. All rollup shutters have 4 main color options with the ability to use a custom color to match your home. Rollup shutters are often seen in Europe used for increased light control, privacy, and security.

  • Quickly enclose your lanai to protect your furniture from UV rays fading your furniture as well as general weather like rain and wind
  • The ability to control the amount of light entering a room as well as decreasing the amount heat being transferred through windows
  • Easily protect your entire home from break in while you are away

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are often seen as the best value in terms of cost and ease of use. Our accordion shutters use the strongest locking system available on the market to prevent break ins. Some of the cheaper locking systems can be broken into with something as simple as a tire wrench. With our locking system, this no longer is an issue. While other systems rely on locking pins which tend to rust over time and freeze the shutter, our 5 layer stainless steel Mortis lock is strong enough to eliminate the need for any additional locking pins. Our easy glide accordions are manufactured in a strict quality control environment assuring you the ability to open and close your shutters almost effortlessly. The upper wheel housing made with stainless steel in combination with Delrin wheels will insure years of trouble free operation.

Storm Panels

Storm panels provide you hurricane protection on a budget. We provide three different material options which include steel, aluminum, and ultra-clear polycarbonate.

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