Acrylic Window & Impact Resistant Glass Lanai Enclosures

Lanai Enclosures will be the most cost efficient way to increase your living space. If your goal is to create an additional room, whether it is with or without air conditioning, we have the perfect solution for you. Lanai enclosures can be done on a budget using acrylic windows or the enclosure can be done at a much more luxurious level using impact resistant glass. We provide a wide spectrum of options to fit the needs of your lifestyle.

The option of enclosing a lanai is not limited to your current roofline. If necessary, we can extend your roofline using Elite insulated panels, which are not only energy efficient but also hurricane resistant. Our Elite roofing panels can be manufactured to include a ceiling fan raceway. The exterior walls of a lanai enclosure could be a complete glass wall from floor to roofline or a combination between a desired knee-wall and windows.