Top Choice provides a variety of different windows and styles to fit the needs of your household and budget. Whether you replace your old windows with new energy efficient windows or upgrade to impact resistance hurricane windows, which provide everything a standard energy efficient window would, but with the added benefit of hurricane protection and home security, Top Choice has everything you need. With the option of impact resistant glass, you as a homeowner no longer have to worry about someone breaking in through the glass. The option of impact resistant glass is available for both aluminum and vinyl frames.

Patio Doors

Outdated patio doors are the number one cause of air loss in your home, which can affect your electrical bill. In some cases, the gaps on older doors can be so large that even lizards will go through. Mortis locks available with new energy efficient doors will make it impossible to break in by forcing the lock. Combing this with the option of impact glass will give you the ultimate security and hurricane protection. Just like windows, patio doors have the option of energy efficient glass or impact resistant glass, which is also energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Windows

  • Reduces interior and exterior glass condensation
  • Decrease or eliminate air loss to keep your house cool in the summer or warm in the winter
  • Special glass coating to reflect heat while still allowing bright light to come through
  • If additional light filtration is needed, bronze or gray tinted glass is available
  • A secondary benefit of energy efficient glass with argon gas is noise reduction which is highly recommended for homes near high traffic areas

Impact Resistant Windows

  • Impact resistant windows provide the strength and security of shutters but without effecting the look of your house
  • Due to multiple layers of glass and PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) interlayer, impact resistant glass will crack but never shatter providing continuous safety
  • Increased strength on the locking mechanism to offer extra security from a break in and hurricane damage
  • The PVB layer not only increases security but also reduces the amount of UV rays which will protect your furniture and flooring from fading
  • Laminated glass is highly recommended for those in close proximity to airports to control noise

Sliding Glass Doors

  • New sealed, polished ball bearing wheels will give you years of maintenance free operation
  • New larger handles provide easy use grip without the worry of finger damage that is commonly seen in older doors
  • Elaborate frame design provide extra strength while eliminating the typical gap between the door and frame

French Doors

  • French doors provide you with a luxurious access to your Florida oasis
  • The two frame material options available are fiberglass or aluminum. Both options can be done with either energy efficient glass or impact resistance glass that is also energy efficient
  • Additional security is offered through multi-point lock mechanisms which work by having multiple locks around the door frame
  • The option to cover large openings is available through the combination of multiple panels and sidelights
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